Nordstrom Opens Topshop Boutiques

All you USA based fans of British retailer Topshop will be thrilled to hear that Nordstorm will be lauching Topshop boutiques within 14 of the stores.  Nordies and Topshop unite!!!

The collections (of course, limited and aimed to the US customer) will debut September 10th.  Currently, stores on the lineup include 4 stores in California (word on the street regarding locations: in Irvine, San Fran, Costa Mesa and The Grove in LA).

I don´t know where the rest will be placed but I can assume fashion cities like NYC and Chicago, and perhaps Seattle, as it´s Nordstorm´s headquarters.

Some merchandise will also be available on the Nordstrom website.

I am very excited about this, however I do feel that Topshop´s best merchandise is in the UK (not surprising as that´s their homeland!).  I pop into their Madrid location regularly and have also visited their Chicago location and have also seen a few in other various countries and they just don´t seem to match up to their UK shops.  But I still have high hopes for their Nordstrom boutiques, and am excited to see what they´ll hold!



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