Lord and Taylor to Sponsor the New Season of Project Runway!

I am proud to announce, as a Lord and Taylor ´alum´that they are the sponsors for Season 10 of Project Runway!  This means that instead of Piperlime or Bluefly, Lord and Taylor will now provide the accessories and shoes for the contestants to style with.  Even better, the department store will host contestants from past and present seasons at their 5th Avenue flagship store for Fashion Night Out on September 6th.  Oh how I wish I could be in NYC slash working there for this fantastic event.  One of the challenges for the contestants will also be held at the flagship store (for anyone who will be in NYC and wants to stop in for FNO, their flagship is on 5th ave and 38-39th streets.)  Finally, the winner of Project Runway will have an opportunity to sell his or her collection there.

I have a special spot in my heart for this store and all of the people who work there, so I am thrilled the store will have this great opportunity.  In economic down times, these types of events can really boost store sales and awareness, so I think its wonderful.  Plus, I know that Lord and Taylor has fabulous shoe and accessory buyers, therefore I know that Project Runway contestants will be able accessorize amazingly well with the items L and T will provide for them!

Hoorary! Can´t wait for Season 10 to air!


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