My version of the French Mani

During my recent trip to Miami, my gay BF went to get our nails done. I wanted to do something a little different-something fun, bright, and sassy! (After all this is MIAMI!)  So I decided on a french mani but instead of the traditional colors, I went with sparkly orange OPI tips and an Essie tangerine color for the nails.  It was definitely fun and my manicurist did a great job!  The salon is called Lace and I immediately liked it upon walking in, as the color scheme was white and pink.  The manicurists and the lady at the reception desk (possible owner??) were very helpful and nice and the whole salon just had a nice ambiance to it.  They also sell clothes and jewelry and some beauty products-I got an OPI bright orangey-red color for just 5 dollars on sale!  And icing on the cake…I was offered my favorite drink upon sitting down for my mani-PINK LEMONADE!



Note that I snapped these pics a good 4 days after my mani…and low and behold, not a single chip or scratch!  Even after an international flying experience!

Another fabulous thing about the Lace Salon is it´s retro, bold, funky pink look.  See below:

You see where I got the bright nail inspiration?! This is just SO Miami and I love it.

If you are in the Miami area and you would like a great mani or pedi, I highly recommend stopping into LACE Nail and Beauty Lab. 


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