Whimsical in White

I know I said I wouldn´t shop more this summer…well…I lied.  I realized that come August I am going to Greece, and my dreams of strolling around the beach and little Greek fishing villages wearing all white linen every day all day for 10 straight days were not coming true unless I began to pump up the white in my wardrobe.

SO I bought two white little numbers, one from Lefties and one from H & M.   They super cute and very much in style and I can´t wait to sport them in Crete this summer.

See below!


This first dress is from Lefties and as you can see it´s got a cute little waistline and is made of a lace/crochet fabric with a cottton lining underneath.  The dress fits like a glove and looks adorable.  I can´t wait to throw it on with some wedges and dance off into the Greek sunset!

This H&M dress is crocheted at the top with a drawstring waist.  It´s slightly more casual-I could wear it as a beach cover up with flip flops or cute flat sandals.

There´s nothing better than being tan and wearing white all summer long.  Punto.


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