Final Summer Shopping Finds

As I will be heading to the USA in a few weeks, I have decided that all future money earned will be saved for some USA shopping.  So my last and final summer purchases (at least at full price, I can´t guarentee anything once rebajas start in July!) were made just last week. I splurged a bit but I am thrilled with my two purchases, which I will share with you below.

Love these wedges!

And FINALLY…I saw these clutches in Amsterdam but the shop was closed, and I found them here in Madrid!



It even comes with an attachable chain…


But I prefer to carry it with the ´rings´!!!

Both items were purchased at Nuevas Tentaciones, a boutique in Barrio Salamanca.  I can rave about their merchandise but I will tell you, the male shop owner is rude and condescending.  If their items weren´t so cute…honestly I´d never return, he is a rather nasty man.  So ENTER at your own risk…if your desire for beautiful things is higher than your desire to be treated with respect (lol apparently after I saw this clutch in the window, it was!) then go on in!

Address: José Ortega y Gasset, 80 Madrid, 28006

Hours: L-S 10 a 14:30 y 17 a 20:30

Metro: L4 Lista



One response to “Final Summer Shopping Finds

  1. I saw one of those ring bags at a shop in Chueca… LOVE IT.

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