Spanish Outfits for the Olympics

A shameful Olympic season for Spain…and I´m not even talking about the sporting events.  The country´s awful design for the team´s outfits is absolutely horrid.  This isn´t just my opinion, it´s pretty much the opinion of all of Spain.

The clothes have been attacked using som of the following adjectives: ¨lumpiness, stuffiness, over-embellished, vulgar, outdated¨…and more.

Are you ready to see these pitiful uniforms?

The uniforms have also been attacked due to the designer (not only does he stink, in their opinion) as he is not from Spain.  The clothes were outsourced to Russia, no doubt to save money, more specifically to fashion house  Bosco di Ciliegi.

Personally, I think they are quite outdated and I think in an event such as the Olympics, where the whole point is supporting your country, the design task should have been given to a Spanish designer.    The looks seem especially hideous if you compare it to some of the  preppier, modern designs of other countries, for example USA (designed by American Ralph Lauren) , or the sleek, sportier design for Australia (by Adidas).

Ralph Lauren´s pretty USA design (This is just SO American…gotta love it!)

Australia´s sporty Adidas look…very modern and perfect for a sporting event.

What do you think?  Comments Welcome!


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