Beach Fashion: Wedges

This particular installment in my ´Beach Fashion´series was posted to honor a special pair of shoes that have been with me for a very long time.  I think wedges are the mother of all shoes, they never truly fail you.  Always comfortable but still helping you stand tall and sassy…!!!

This beach trip, I arrived home after a late night of partying to find that my favorite straw wedge shoes had finally died, the straw roping had finally fallen off one of the heels (and yes…I had actually super glued parts back on in the past!)

The least I could do was give them a proper burial in the sand…see photo below. (Condolence comments only please, no comments about polluting the environment will be approved)

Now the big question…replacement???? Where to even start? Well first I had to decide: woven, wood, or cork?  Personally I like the look of woven the best, and I already owned a wood pair…so woven it was. I found a few pics I liked online…and then off to Mary Paz and Zara to see what they had in my budget!

Jean Michael Cazabat wedges are super cute and they look pretty comfortable

I loved these gold Jimmy Choe Wedges

C Loubs can do more than just red soles, judging by these cool woven wedges below!

My MaryPaz purchase…I prefer beige as they slim the legs…not bad at 27 euros!

Some other wedge inspirations if you decide to go wood

These are SASSY by Jeffery Campbell

My friend Desi´s gorgeous wood wedges, complete with green nails and bright orange-red ring

If you decide to go the cork route, take this as inspiration:

Chloe Cork Wedges

Or just as bossy but more affordable Jessica Simpson cork wedges on Elise


One response to “Beach Fashion: Wedges

  1. I love the real-life shoe pics. They look so good on those girls!

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