Beach Fashion: Bags

This will be the first in a series about what to wear to everyone’s favorite vacation destination-THE BEACH!  This was brought on by my recent trip to the Canary Islands, and today´s installment will feature beach bags.

My all time favorite style of beach bag is the straw tote.  I prefer it to fabric and plastic because fabric gets dirty from the sand and plastic seems a little cheap looking and can often be uncomfortable to carry.

The best part about the straw beach bag is that it´s very cheap-you can buy one per summer and toss it and get a new one the next year.

This year I purchased a great one from Lefties at 14 euros .  The other two shown in the pic are both from H and M.  Blanco, Oysho, and DayaDay are also great places to get the perfect straw beach bag.

White Straps: Lefties

Brown Straps: H &M

Black Straps: H&M



The next ones I found thanks to blog Via Triestre

1: Blanco

2 &3: Oysho

4. Pull and Bear


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