Beauty Dinners: A New Concept

What WILL they think of next?  Now you can not only eat a healthy and delicious dinner with friends but you can also get a makeover at the same time.  Zamburiña, a restaurant that combines a gourmet dining experience with ´takeaway´food, now offers beauty dinners every Thursday.  While you munch on delicious and healthy foods, a makeup team from Cazcarra Image Group gives you a makeover!   What a great idea, perfect for a bachelorette event, a birthday, or simply put-a girls night out!

To reserve your beauty dinner: email:

Other details:


Avenida Brasil 6

91 110 7777



2 responses to “Beauty Dinners: A New Concept

  1. great idea! I would go there!

  2. Oh wow I love this! There are so many restaurants and cafes in London which multitask to attract customers… And this is definitely one to call out to all the girls. Worth a visit when in Madrid!

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