Michael Kors Shop Opening In Madrid!

Exciting news! One of my favorite designers, Michael Kors, will soon have a boutique right here in Madrid.  Above all, I really like Michael Kors bags.  They are stylish and comfortable, with great quality leather.  They are usually a very reasonable price and aren´t all ´logo-ed´out, like some other designers are.  I am also a fab of their shoes and of course the more economical brand ´Michael´by Michael Kors.

The shop will be opening on Calle Serrano 32.   The store will occupy a space of 600 meters squared  and it will be spread over two floors.   As you can see below in the picture, they are working on fixing up the store right now.  As of right now, I currently cannot find out their opening date, but I am sure the shop will be inagurated and of course I will be posting as soon as I know more information.

Other gossip…apparently the brand is looking for retail space in Barcelona on the Passeig de Gracia, as well as Las Rozas Village in the outskirts of Madrid.  More to come on this!


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