Highlights: Fitting Room Madrid

Fitting Room is a yearly event which includes fashion, art, photography and more.  It consists of independent designers coming together in the Petit Palace Art Gallery Boutique hotel and showcasing some of their products, art, etc.  Last year, I went and it was a very special day.  This year, things were slightly less extravagant but it was still a great time enjoyed with friends.

I will say this year, the I was less impressed with the vendors that came, in general.  Only two really caught my eye-and they were Le Monvintage, which is one of my favorite independent jewelry designers, and the other is actually a shoe brand, based in London called Shoe Embassy.

I think the economic crisis here in Spain added to Fitting Room being a bit less exciting this year.  In any case, let´s take a look at what I did enjoy!

We´ll start with Le Monvintage.  They had their jewelry beautifully merchandised, as usual.

I especially loved their bracelets this time around, which you can see a couple below.

This last pic wasn´t the best but you get the idea…to order or see more, please visit the Le Monvintage Website.

The other vendor that impressed was a new one to Fitting Room this year, Shoe Embassy.  When I heard it was London based, it made sense immediately because the shoes have a very masculine, oxford look to them…I can´t really describe it but it just screams London to me, which is totally fabulous.  The shoes are basically a collection of very soft and high quality leather, in mainly lace up oxfords, (however they do have some ballerina flats, books, some heeled shoes, etc) and they have both mens and womens shoes.    The had some great colors too, some brights, and some with a very cool, faded look.

For some reason I did not take any pictures of the room, I am not sure why, I think because they performed this theatre skit which was actually quite funny and I got sidetracked.  In any case I have taken a few pictures from their facebook site so you can get an idea of the style.

Another reason I liked this place was because the shoes were quality and for a good price.  Most of the shoes were between 80 and 100 euros, which, for a good pair of leather shoes is next to nothing.

For more information visit the Shoe Embassy Website.  Their Spain contact is Marta Mayo and she can be reached at shoeembassyspain@gmail.com, if you would like to order or find out where they are sold in Spain.

Finally, I took my traditional pic outside of the Fitting Room sign, wearing my new and fabulous pink blazer, new lefties shirt and my trusty Cole Haan bag.



2 responses to “Highlights: Fitting Room Madrid

  1. Dear Lori, thank you so much for such a flattering comments about our shoes. People like you inspire us to reach for more and more…

    Best wishes from London,
    Vidas Urbutis

  2. @Vidas: It was great getting to know the brand, hope to see you back in Madrid soon, as I would like to purchase some shoes 🙂

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