Shoemint by Rachel Bilson

The style of fashion icon Rachel Bilson, the vision of celebrated stylist Nicole Chavez, and the shoe-making expertise of the legendary Steve Madden, combine to create ShoeMint, a new and unique shoe shopping experience.

How it works:

First you vist their website at Shoemint.  You start by filling out an fun and easy style profile to figure out what what your own personal shoe style is.

Then, each month Rachel and Nicole send you personalized shoe styles, and you can skip or buy, no obligation.  Each pair costs just under 80 dollars.

Now, this is a great idea but unfortunately that do not ship to Europe.  Shipping within the USA is free, which is great.   Here are a few styles, just to give as examples.

The only problem I personally have with this site is that my shoe size is very erratic, sometimes I wear a 7, 7.5 or 8, depending on the style! The one nice thing is that even if you have to ship it back, they do it for free, and will send you the other size, it´s just annoying to have to do it and a long wait for shoes.  I am the kind of girl who sees it, tries it on, and buys it.  I like instant gratification! But if you have a very static shoe size I think this is a great idea and I adore Rachel Bilson´s sense of style so I think this venture could be very successful. Check it out! Happy Shoe Shopping!


2 responses to “Shoemint by Rachel Bilson

  1. Solipsism Dreams

    if only they shipped to australia 😦

    Loretta xx

  2. @Solipsism Dreams-I know! It´s really a bummer they only ship to the USA…we should write them and beg for international shipping!!!!

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