Whirlwind NYC Trip: What´s hot for Spring Nails

New York City.  The land of the free, the melting pot of the world, the most amazing city on earth.   The gritty gray metropolis filled with millions of people and fabulous fashion.  Sometimes I miss it so much it hurts.

I was lucky enough have a 48 hour weekend in NYC this March, thanks to my GBF (gay boyfriend).  Of course most of it was spent shopping, people watching, eating, and partying…in my opinion the best things to do in NYC.

I love going there because everyone is so on top of style, trends, it doesn´t matter that Europe technically seems to be ahead, New York City is a different animal, and even the least fashionable are fashionable.

One of my very best friends, MP, always  keeps me in the loop with the hottest nail colors in NYC each season.  Last spring, she brought an amazing gray color from Essie, and this spring, its a fantastic, pastel, pistachio green color that I immediately fell in love with.

Please welcome this springs hottest new addition for nails: Essie´s Navigate Her.

Buy it, or buy something similar…in any case, get this color on your nails asap. I guarantee you´ll love it as much as I do.


Stay tuned for more posts on my NYC trip-fashion and shopping updates!



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