Estée Lauder: Mad Men Makeup

Shake. Stir. Seduce. 

That´s the tagline of the new makeup collection created especially for Mad Men by Estée Lauder.

(The model they used looks just like Betty, the blond in the champagne colored dress in the cast photo above-nice work Estée Lauder!)

In case you are unaware, Mad Men is a fabulous television drama that takes place in 1960´s New York.  I adore the show and am anxiously waiting for the it´s return, Season 5, which will premiere on March 25th. 

I think this is a fabulous collaboration because Estée Lauder embodies what is Mad Men: vintage, elegant, mature, but still sexy.  Estée Lauder has been around since before the 60´s, so for them this is probably a take on what their collection was once like.  The packaging is glamorous and elegant, and I can´t wait to purchase a product, I think I will go for the red lipstick!

The collection will be available exclusively on the Estée Lauder website and at Bloomingdales.


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