Elie Saab Paris Fall Ready-to-Wear 2012

It´s fair to admit I have an obsession with Elie Saab, especially the evening wear.  The Paris runway was no short of fabulous.  Elie Saab has bypassed the ´oversize´look and went straight for shaping a women´s body: showing off that hourglass figure that we all strive for. 


Color blocking!!!

I LOVE this fur coat-dress thing…it looks beautiful and WARM at the same time.

Wow!!! I am not the hugest fan of velvet, even though it´s trending for fall, but this…I would wear it in a heartbeat.  The combo of the velvet with the glittery top just works.  And the fact that it´s pants (a jumpsuit or separates, unsure…) give it this cool 70´s Studio 54 vibe.

Again some color blocking, and the belt gives it a great shape.

I do like this coat dress, but I included this pic mainly because I LOVE the shoes.  

Beautiful beige glittery gown, I love the sort of hidden vertical stripes, that plus the belt makes for a great hourglass figure shape.

Photo Credit: Style.com


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