What´s new in the land of NAIL POLISH????

Recently I have been seeing a lot of the new ´cracked´nail polish look.  I decided to head right to the source to get the down low: OPI.

What I found at OPI LITERALLY shook me to the core. THEY HAVE A NICKI MINAJ NAILS LINE!!!!! (I have an unhealthy obsession with girl rappers, esp Minaj)  And even better, this line includes the new shatter style polish!

My personal fave…SUPER BASS SHATTER!!!!

As you can see the polish gives a ´cracked´look which is fun and original.  You can purchase this type of polish not only through OPI but also at Sephora, Kiko, and probably any local drugstore if you are in the USA, it´s becoming more mainstream now.

The idea is you paint your nails one color first.  For example, pink.  Then you let the polish dry and apply the ´cracked´polish on top.  When this polish dries, it leaves unpredictable ´cracks´ and results, for a new and fashionable look each time you apply.

I also like this black one, created for Sephora by OPI.


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