It´s time for spring cleaning!  Mango has announced that if you return your old Mango items, you can exchange them for new ones!!!

It functions like this:  you go shopping at Mango and you get a special card.  You activate your card on the web and you can then check which items are valid to to exchange back after you´re sick of them!  Then, you return the clothes and receive a certificate with 20% of its value to use towards shopping for new Mango clothes.

I think this is a fantastic idea.  Of course, I´ll need to try it out and make sure that most of the items that I buy are, indeed, returnable (perhaps it´s only a few select things!).  In the case that most items are exchangeable, I see this working quite well.  However, what happens if the item has a stain, or hole in it? I do have more questions about this…so I will be eagerly researching it.

If anyone has done this, or knows more about it, feel free to comment below.

For more information visit their website


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