Christian Sirano Designs Bridal for Nordstroms

There have been rumors circulating that Christian Sirano (one of my all time Project Runway faves) will be designing a line of bridal dresses for Nordstroms.

Good news: rumors confirmed, it´s true!

A sneak peek at the designs:

These are two exclusive designs that will be going on sale in March at 18 stores at 18 stores across the USA.  The above dress on the left will retail at 2,375 USD, and the other at a more affordable 1,920 USD.

The dresses are nice but aren´t particularly ´ferosh´(as Christian would say himself).  However, are wedding dresses supposed to be ferosh? Probably not!  In any case, they have good retail appeal and I am sure they´ll fly off the racks.

What do you think? Do these dresses really represent Christian´s design aesthetic or is he toning down to sell to the masses?

Photo Credit: Nordstrom


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