Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid: Devota & Lomba

This collection was stunning, I wanted to post every single pic of the show here. Instead I had to settle for about 8 or 9 of my favorite looks.  This collection featured a lot of mini skirts with high boots, which I adored, but done in an incredibly tasteful way.

The bright blue color was a fantastic choice, and I also really appreciated the hair styling, sort of a big wave thing to the side, fabulous.

I love the mix of the brown leather with the bright blue bottom.

Again love this color scheme…note the touches a fur and leather throughout the collection…definitely huge for the upcoming fall.

Hey Jon!

This blue…and in cape silhoutte!!!  To die for!

More blue cape…sigh…in love!

The show finished out with some gold which is huge for fall and this spring as well.

Photo Credit: YoDona


One response to “Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid: Devota & Lomba

  1. Love the Beige Coat with the fur trim, and Jon.

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