Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid: Jesus Del Pozo

This show was the second show without the late designer, Jesus del Pozo, and the first runway that did not include any of his designs.  Even though he wasn´t not alive for the runway show last September (which I was able to attend) he left all of his designs prepared.  So, what´s a Jesus del Pozo show without Jesus del Pozo?  Let´s see…

In general I think that whoever is designing for Jesus del Pozo really stayed with the aesthetic that Jesus created for his collections.  The looks were sleek, and long, form fitting, with interesting colors, delicate and nomadic.  If I hadn´t known…I would have thought Jesus del Pozo had designed these himself!

I absolutely adore this.  It´s like a form fitting cape…sweater…floor length coat…hell I don´t know what it is but I LOVE it.  It´s totally original, I have never seen anything like it!  Fit for a queen…a nomadic, arabic style queen!

This dress is stunning. Simple yet completely original and different. I would happily wear this dress to any fabulous occasion.

This look is really different and I think the color is eye catching.  It´s maybe not something I would wear, but I find it really cool.

Gorgeous !LOVE the neckline and shoulder detailing.  It´s also paired with loafer style shoes which is an interesting look.

All of the models….all in all a very sleek collection, I enjoyed it.

Photo Credits: Ella Hoy


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