Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid: Roberto Verino

Last September I was able to attend the Roberto Verino runway show live and It was one of the best shows I have ever seen.  From the music to the designs to the models to the energy, it was absolutely amazing.  This year I unfortunately couldn´t attend the show live, but I knew I would love whatever walked that runway, and it did not disappoint.

Roberto Vernino´s show inaugurated the start of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week madrid.  Of course the show began with beloved Spanish model, Jon Kortajarena, and continued with several looks that reminded me of Great Gatsby- pinstripes, tweed, brimmed hats, etc.  It took me to a rainy fall afternoon in New York City in the 1920´s, with a modern twist.  Verino also used a lot of mohair and fur in his designs, and played with volume.

Photo Credit: Ella Hoy

Hey Jon!!!!

This menswear yet glamour is very NYC, love it

This model actually fell on the runway, so I´ve heard…poor thing! It´s tough wearing high heels sometimes.

These hats are great, they appeared on many of the models and I want one.

Here we seem some of the mohair, of course different volumes, giving the 20´s inspired look a modern twist.


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