Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid: Cibelespacio

Last Friday I attended Cibelespacio, the area that surrounds the fashion show´s for newly named changed ´Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid´.  As usual, it was a grand day, and I enjoyed myself lounging around and visiting the different stands and involving myself in the different things they offer.

It´s always so fabulous to attend this area because you are hanging out with the most fashionable, well- dressed, coolest people in Madrid.  I also saw Nuria Roca walking around (famous television TV presenter) and David Delphin (famous fashion designer), recognizable by his signature beard.  It´s also a lot of pressure of course, ahhh what to wear!

My friend Pedro and I in Cibelespacio (make sure to visit Pedro´s blog, which focuses on menswear, it´s fabulous!  CLICK HERE to visit Voguesponge)

As we munched on free Special K snacks, my friend Pedro and I strolled around, checking out the scene.  We got tons of free magazines, one in particular I am excited to read, the February issue of Bazaar.  The cover totally caught me eye!

We checked out the LÓreal Stand, which was giving makeovers and had mini fashion shows.

Naturally I was drawn to the nail polishes, typical!

We then saw a few displays, like the Absolute Vodka Stand, with designs from Versace and Gautlier, the Yo Donna booth, and an area where you can watch the runway shows on TV´s.

Then Pedro and I decided to do a photo with S Moda, where they rate your outfit.  We both got 3 out of 4 stars on our oufits.

Next up…the Vogue Stand!

The Vogue stand was eye catching, I especially liked their display of Manolo Blahniks.  Very Sex and the City.

In conclusion, as always, I had a wonderful time visiting Cibelespacio.  Until September!

Stay tuned for posts on all the runway shows for Cibeles Fashion Week, starting TOMORROW!


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