Jean Paul Gautlier Pays Tribute to Amy Winehouse

Lots of exciting moments in fashion right now, as Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks have all come to an end, and Madrid´s is just commencing.  NYC and London´s are beginning soon…I don´t even know where to start!

Right now I am really feeling Jean Paul Gaultier and his surprises for this years Paris Fashion Week runway show, so I suppose I will start there.

Jean Paul Gautlier gave a major shoutout to Amy Winehouse on h is runway for Paris Fashion Week.  When you consider the late Amy Winehouse, she was a style icon, in her own way-the beehive, a sort of 50´s-60´s vibe, all while seeming edgy at the same time.  Put a little bit of Jean Paul Gautlier twist in there and you´ve got some pretty amazing designs.  See below.  I was wowed; a lot of va-va voom in my opinion!  What are your thoughts?

NOTE:  Amy Winehouse´s family is actually very upset about this collection.  They see it as Gautlier using her image to make money. Personally if I were her family I would feel honored that Amy would be portrayed as a fashion icon.  However this is a touchy subject…all I know is that I LOVE the clothes.

(and back to the post on androgynous models…this could def be a dude!)

The woven detail and beading in this is incredible.

This is so fabulous!  The expression on that models face perfectly fits the outfit!

Photo Credit: El País


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