Rihanna for Armani

Rihanna has officially replaced Megan Fox as the face of Armani underwear and denim.  It´s unconfirmed to whether or not Rafa Nadal will be replaced (crossing my fingers for no).

Some of the photos are quite…sultry? Risque? Hmm.  I think she looks pretty amazing in the photos…are they too sexy? I don´t know, isn´t that just how advertising is these days?   What do you think?

This is one of my faves, not just because she´s actually clothed, I just like her face, I think its really fierce, and her pose is sexy but not over the top.  I wonder if people will make the same mistake here as I did and think shes BEYONCE at first.  Doesn´t she look so much like her at first glance here?

Is it getting hot in here or something?

Photo Credit: The Improper


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