Ailanto to Design for Urban Outfitters

One of my main goals when I created Life and Style Madrid was to transport some of the fashion I see here in Europe, in particular Madrid, to other parts of the world.  And now it´s happening (however I don´t think I played in any part in this particular deal!)

Ailanto, one of Spain´s most fabulous fashion designers, will now have some of their wedding dresses in none only than:


How fantastic is that? Combining one of my fave spanish designers with one of my fave USA stores? Love it.  The dresses will be sold in the BHLDN section of Urban Outfitters and Antropologie.  They will be available in shops as well as online.

Sneak peek to some of the bridal dresses sold (I actually featured one of them in my last Cibeles Fashion Week Ailanto Post, do I have an eye for trends or WHAT!)

The first one here is the one I featured before as being fabulous. Which it still is.

I love these.  They are so refreshingly different and interesting, I am so sick of the typical, I am a princess with a strapless corset top and big poofy skirt wedding dress, these are just worlds above that!

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One response to “Ailanto to Design for Urban Outfitters

  1. How’s things?, re your page “Ailanto to Design for Urban Outfitters | Life and Style Madrid” sometimes I receive a 403 error when viewing the site.

    Decided you would like to know.

    Best wishes

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