Rihanna: The Loud Tour Review

Rihanna concert Dec. 15 Madrid…2 words…totally amazing!  Seeing the Rihanna concert was like being at a huge rave or dance party.  I had previously heard she was not that great in concert, so I knew it would be fun to be there but I didn´t have high expectations.

I can pretty much break down her show into a few parts:  Music, ´wow´factor (backup dancers, lights, scenery, outfits, the ´show´), and energy-heart.

I´ll first start with the music.  While some artists use touring to promote their new unheard songs, Rihanna def did not do that.  She knew exactly what her audience wanted and she gave it to us.  She played every single one of her hits, going back to ´Pon de Replay´and artfully ended on her latest and greatest, ´We Found Love´.   She actually sang, belted, even, there was no lip syncing in sight.

The show.  I found that her backup dancers, while not doing extremely difficult moves, where very on, more street dancing almost, and it was crowd pleasing.  Rihanna was right in sync with them and although she didn´t dance the whole time, she def pulled out a few moves.  Her outfits and changes were fabulous, I particularly fell in love with this Elie Sabb type yellow green dress she wore (I can´t find the designer of the dress but my best guess is Elie Sabb).  She paired it with over the knee lace up boots, which, in theory, seems completely trashy and weird but for some odd reason, it worked with her and her urban look.

The lights and the wow factor were very high in this show.  Some people had told me it was extremely sexual but I didn´t agree with that. (Perhaps I´m de-sensitized?)   It def wasn´t appropriate for children but I have seen much worse.

I think the thing I was most impressed with was that Rihanna sang her heart out.  You could just tell she was so happy to be there and was having a total blast, and was completely into it.  It´s refreshing to see that after a 7 month tour, she is still rocking it out hard and having a great time performing, which is the most important.

Finally a big shoutout to my GBF (gay boyfriend) for flying into Madrid from Miami for just 2 nights to take me, my SBF (straight bf), and my BMGF (best Madrid girlfriend) to the concert.


One response to “Rihanna: The Loud Tour Review

  1. Concert was amazing! Loved the dancers, heyyy!

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