Gastro Festival Madrid

I am extremely excited that the GastroFestival is back here in Madrid.  It has many exciting parts to it and so far I have only experienced on specific part, the tapas tastings.  In addition to the tapas tastings, which I will explain momentarily, there are special restaurants that over fixed price menu´s for 25, 50, and 75 euros a person. 

The tapas tasting last year was a total blast.  All over Madrid, they have specific bars and restaurants that will offer a tapa plus a small bottle of beer for just 3 euros.   There is a map that explains to you the addresses and locations of each place and the elaborate tapa that each place makes especially for this event.  If you look at the map beforehand you can plan your route and hit up as many places as you like. I think we managed to visit 4 or 5 places last year without too much running around in the Barrio Salamanca neighborhood.  We also discovered one of our now favorite tapas joints, Jurucha (Calle Ayala 19) which we´ve definitely been back to many times since.  We also had one very negative experience, where people were very rude to us, at a place called Pan de Lujo.  (What would I expect from a restaurant called Luxury Bread???!!!)  I will not be back there, nor do I recommend it.  

If you´d rather see a movie, see a food-related art exhibit, hear a lecture about food, or take a cooking class, you have those options as well. 

The dates of the festival run from January 23rd to February 5th.  For more information, maps, addresses, details, movie times, etc you can visit the GastroFestival Madrid Webpage

ENJOY!!!!!  See you out tapeando!

Photos: Official GastroFestival Webpage


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