My Treasures Uncovered in REBAJAS!!!!

This year I was able to visit the huge bi-annual sales not only in Madrid but also in the Canary Islands, which was great because they had a lot of different items there and there was virtually no one shopping (ha and in Madrid so many people you literally can´t move!).  In the islands I got a few great deals  from Stratadivarius and from Mango.  Then here in Madrid, I found several things at H&M, Lefties, and Kiko for very low prices.

First my Stratadivarius skirt.  Now, it´s a little odd, I know the print is a little tribal like but for some reason it caught my eye.  Purchased for 12 euros.

Next at Mango I got this fabulous purse for just 9.95 euros, LOVE the color and shape.  It kinda reminds me of the 80´s which is cool.

Now back in Madrid… I bought this also vintage looking (but more 70´s style I think) bag for just 7.95 euros.  I def had some luck this season with small purses on sale.

At Lefties, I bought this cool blouse for just 7 euros.  Great find!

Finally I was able to get 3 nail polish colors at Kiko at 50% off, the Frozen collection, which is my absolute fave, (click here to see the post I had written previously about their Frozen collection green color ) and I of course bought myself another one, along with two other colors, for just 2.40 euros a bottle.

Now, I am not quite done with my shopping yet…when things get the double markdown in February I am sure I will be sharing more of my deals!


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