Golden Globes Best Dressed

This year´s fashion at the Golden Globes…well lets just say in general, I was UNDERwhelmed.  I was suprised to say that many of the looks that were voted to be the best, I wasn´t a huge fan of.  I contribute a ´Best Dressed´ look to be when I see a photo and go WOW, and have to do a double take. Usually at these awards shows I see have atleast five WOW moments…well this year, I had only two, which I will post below. 

1. Angelina Jolie

This dress is very simple and that´s why I was impressed.  Angelina looks very elegant and poised in this look.  She is wearing an Atelier Versace dress, white Versace shoes and a red Christian Louboutin ‘Pharaon’ clutch.

Photo: Getty

2. Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara looks fabulous in her Vera Wang gown.  The mermaid style flatters her curvy figure.  Photo: Moviefone


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