2012 Fashion New Years Resolutions

I only have one New Years Fashion Resolution this year, and it´s an important one.  I resolve to do all I can to…

1. Keep myself looking young and fabulous

Now, this is mainly related to skincare but it also means going to the gym, eating right, making sure to dress fabulously and appropriately for all occasions, and of course, keeping my alcohol in check and getting enough sleep.

I´m a couple years away from 30 (and an avid sun worshipper, although a non smoker….do they cancel each other out?) and I think it´s high time I focus on a solid skincare routine that includes a day and night moisturizer, eye cream, and wrinkle preventer.  I sort of already do this but I do often forget and I am not as persistent about it as I should be.

So what products am I using, one might ask, to achieve this New Years Resolution?



Germaine de Capuccini O2

This creme is amazing because it leaves my skin soft, hydrates, but also doesn´t make me breakout.  And it smells amazing.  I use it every morning



Germanine de Capuccini Time Expert

This creme has advanced wrinkle fighting properties that stop and prevent the growth of free radicals. Apparently it works wonders while you sleep.  The program also has a serum, eye creme, etc.  I also use the serum, and I will alternate it with Prescriptives Super Line Preventer.


As I previously mentioned above, alternating between Time Expert Serum and Prescriptives Super Line Preventer (this has a ton of antioxidants, Vitamin C, just a great bunch of things to keep your skin looking young) is what will hopefully keep me looking young and fresh til the end of time.

Eye Creme

For just 3 euros, Mercadona´s DeliPlus aloe vera eye creme is perfect for me because I have very sensitive eyes and the aloe is soothing and doesn´t irritate.  I use it in the morning and at night.   I haven´t tried the facial moisturizer but I don´t doubt it´s good stuff for a low price. I also have a Barielle Anti Puffy AM creme for those days I wake up with puffy eyes.

Finally, for those days when I wake up looking a little dull, I just add on a little Dermalogica Day Bright over my regular moisturizer to give my skin that little added radiance.

Now some might ask, where is the sunscreen? My foundation has an SPF 15 and if I am not using foundation, I will put on Aveeno face SPF 30 before I head outside.

Happy New Year! Now run out and get all your skincare goods and resolve to look fabulous and youthful in 2012 and for many years to come!


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