A glance behind…2011 Fashion New Years Resolutions: Pass or FAIL?

As we rolled in to 2011 last January, I made some specific fashion New Year´s Resolutions.  Now, as roll into 2012, I am here to test myself…did I, or did I not suceed in accomplishing these resolutions? To read last year´s post, click HERE

To summarize, last year I had four resolutions:

1.  Wear more heels

2.  Wear less black

3.  Class up my style

4. Wear more hats

I am proud to say I have accomplished with absolute certaintly, the first two resolutions.  You can even see proof below.

Wear more heels:

Heels: Franco Sarto

Heels: Jimmy Choo

Heels: BCBG Girls

Wear More Color and less black

Lori in Purplely Blue

Lori in THREE shades of pink!!!

Lori in Bright Yellow!!!!

Lori in Cobalt blue!

The hats and the classy style…well I think I didn´t do as well…but a 50% success rate isn´t bad, right?

Stay tuned for 2012 resolutions, soon to come!


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