My New and Fabulous Winter Coat

So if you recall in previous post on my ´Dream Winter Coat´, my father sent me a coat from the USA and it ended up in New Guinea so I was forced to buy a new one this season here in Spain.  Of course my dream Burburry coat was out of the question financially so I hit up Zara, (many thanks to my wonderful friends that gave me a gift card there for my birthday!) in search of something fantastic that was more in my price range.

Finally, I found a grey peacoat that seemed perfect.  I´m no model, but I wanted to show the versatility of the coat by taking pics of the ways you can use the fabric on top.  See below. Available at Zara in grey, black, and beige for under 100 euros.

Option A

It´s not super cold and I am in a hurry so here, I will leave the top slightly unzipped…

Option B (2 pics)

It´s getting a little chilly out and my neck is cold so lets bundle up a bit…

Option C

The wind is blowing in my face and I am freeeeeeeezing so here let´s pull it up even more…

Option D

It´s starting to rain and I forgot my umbrella…

Option E (Last and Final Option…in fact let´s call it ´Last Resort´option)

It´s f%$&ing freezing and raining and I am so pale and sick of winter….!!!!

In conclusion, it´s not my Burburry Prorsum dreamcoat, but it´s got it´s own charm! 🙂  And for just 2,900 euros cheaper!


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