Up and Coming Trend…Androgynous Models?

One thing I hear more and more in the world of fashion and modeling these days is that women look like men, and men look like women.  As the world itself is becoming more liberal, the fashion world is quickly following, not to be left behind.

One example of this that has shocked people all over the world (even in extremely liberal Holland) is new lingerie ad from Dutch retailer Hema.

The ad features a male model, Andrej Pejic, modeling a pushup bra.  (No doubt, this is the most beautiful and girly male I have ever seen).  This Aussie model, among others, is no stranger to modeling women´s clothing and frequently does so on the catwalk for many city´s major fashion weeks.

The controversial ad is between talked about and tweeted worldwide.  I wonder, what´s a guy doing trying to sell bra´s to women? Or you could look at it from another angle…if this push up bra is giving even a dude cleavage, it must REALLY work!

I had never before heard of this lingerie brand (mind you, I was a lingerie buyer for a department in NYC for quite a bit of time so I know my stuff) but I absolutely know about it now, and won´t be forgetting the name Hema anytime soon!  In any case, Hema is being talked about all over the world, and whether it be good or bad press, they are certaintly on the radar.

What do you think?  Should men be modeling lingerie?  And women men´s suits?


2 responses to “Up and Coming Trend…Androgynous Models?

  1. If you hadn’t told me that this was a guy, I wouldn’t have thought anything was weird about the ad! My thought is: Men already have a competitive edge on women for successful jobs. Like it or not, the world (albeit subconsciously) often discriminates against people based on their gender. Modeling women’s lingerie was one of the only fields where women only had to compete against each other… but I guess now men have entered in to that arena as well! Isn’t it tough enough for women to compete against each other in that field? Now they also have to try to be thinner and/or better-looking than men? Somehow it doesn’t seem fair.

  2. @Holly-good point! If we can´t one up guys as lingerie models…what more have we got!!!!!

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