Restaurant Pick: Sama Sama

One of the best things about the neighborhood of Chueca is all of the trendy restaurants there are.  Some pricey, some cheap, some new, some old…whatever your vibe is, you can find it in Chueca.  After being given a gift card by my lovely amigas here in Madrid, I tried out restaurant Sama Sama with my BF. 

Sama Sama is a mid priced restaurant with a sleek yet comfortable interior design.  We were seated at a table towards the back in the corner, which was quiet and cute even though the restaurant was full.  The restaurant offers a dinner menu, on Monday-Thurs its 16 euros and Fri-Sun it´s 21 euros.  The menu includes choice of appetizer, main course and dessert.   Drinks are not included.

It was a Friday  night and the bf and I decided to order the menu, a half bottle of Chianti and some sparkling water.  I ordered fried zucchini with hummus, followed by herbed chicken.  The bf chose a salad with codfish, and a pork dish.  The food was yummy and quite filling, and then the desserts were fabulous.  I specifically recommened the chocolate mousse with berries.

The bill in total was just under 60 euros.  All in all I enjoyed the experience and I will return to Sama Sama. I recommened it as a nice place to go on a date or to meet a few friends. However, I don´t think it would work well for big groups.  

Sama Sama

Metro: Chueca, Banco de España

 Calle de San Bartolomé, 23, 28004 Madrid

915 22 15 47

Reservation needed


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