Order your Holiday Cards from Papier de Norma

I am one of those types of people that love to give personalized, hand-made cards to all my friends and family when the appropriate occasion arises.  Birthdays, Christmas, weddings, newborn babies, etc…what´s more special than a hand-made card?

It sounds magical and perfect but let´s be real…who has the time to make a card?  I sure don´t.  That´s why you should order your handmade cards from Papier de Norma.  Norma will create a handmade, special card for any occasion and personalize it however you´d like.  Currently, you can few some examples of her work on Etsy and through her blog, Papier de Norma.  Nevertheless, if there is something you don´t see on her site, feel free to email her and ask if she can do it for you.  For example, if you see a birthday card you like, but you need a Thank you card in a similar style, she can absolutely cater to your wishes.

These cards are stylish, elegant, and fun.  Norma has a way of using the tiniest details to represent your special occasion.  Below you can see a small sampling of her holiday cards for this season.

Remember, Papier de Norma isn´t JUST for holiday cards.  You can celebrate any special occasion with Norma´s handmade creations.  For more cards, pictures, and details on how to order, visit her website at Papier de Norma


3 responses to “Order your Holiday Cards from Papier de Norma

  1. Beautiful!

  2. I was a lucky recipient of a wedding card made my Papier de Norma, it was gorgeous and one of a kind!

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