Mango and Glamour Fashion Shopping Night

This past Thursday, I attend my second Glamour Shopping night in the Mango store on Princesa Street.  Just like the first time, it was packed with people, drinks were served, MAC was offering makeovers and the DJ was spinning beats while many fashionable young ladies shopped around.

The atmosphere was fun, though a bit overcrowded, however this season I was very unimpressed with Mango´s fall collection.  There was nothing ´interesting´about it… a lot of basics (but boring ones, and overpriced) and nothing cute or new.  Basically shirts, turtlenecks…really not a single thing caught my eye. I did try on some jeans, which were, as always too long but other than that it was a bust, and I did not buy a single thing.

However ,when we went over to the purse section, I have to say, I LOVED most of what they had to offer.  This was the dynamic, designed, fun and exciting collection I had also expected out of their clothing line.  Of course I had just bought two new purses and desperately need a coat, jeans, etc and don´t need a purse, but I wanted to put a few pics so you can all get an idea of what the collection is like this year.

Love this doctor bag, but a bit pricey at 129 euros

Vintage-esque black evening back at 69 euros…again a bit pricey for Mango

All in all, great bags (slightly overpriced) and a weak clothing collection.  We´ll see what they have to offer next spring!


5 responses to “Mango and Glamour Fashion Shopping Night

  1. Ooo!!!! I am glad you had fun! I really love the last pic!! I better go to Mango, and look for the vintage-esque black purse.

  2. The bags were really cuteee

  3. My love for MANGO started when i was in JR. high. they always have amazing accessories, and they’re dresses are usually simple but beautiful.

    -Bianca at

  4. The thing with vintage-y is that you CAN get the same thing, vintage, for 1/10 of the price. Great for inspiration though!

  5. @bonkasaurus-Mango does have amazing dresses, I love what they put out for holidays, I always manage to find something cute for NY Eve there!

    @westwood-you are SO right…real vintage is way better slash way cheaper. I bought a similar clutch at a vintage shop in NYC about 6 years ago for 20 dollars…I still use it and it´s fabulous…and real vintage too! I´ve been told Dublin is a great city to shop vintage in, not sure where you are based but keep it in mind!

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