Restaurant Pick: El Joselete

The Backstory

This fall I stumbled upon a new gem:  bar-restaurant called ´El Joselete´.  I walked by it numerous times, each time thinking, ´I really need to try this place!!´  Finally I went in with a friend… their 8.50 euro daily lunch menu looked too good to pass up!  I enjoyed the food and the stylish atmosphere and then decided that it would be the perfect place to celebrate my birthday.  The place is cute because it has a front area with a bar and some small tables, perfect for a drink and some tapas, and then a smaller back room for eating a sit down lunch or dinner, or having a small private party.

Front Area

Back Private Room (PS please note the Singer sewing tables, LOVE)


You can sit by the window and people watch as you eat or drink

The Plan

After a delicious lunch I began chatting with the manager, sure he would say the typical rant about how I would have to do a huge dinner menu, 20 euros per person, etc etc but he didn´t.  He assured me I could rent the space, order whatever I wanted for the group, and he´d even give us a discount on drinks.  I decided to use the front area because the smaller back area only seats 12 and I had planned to have a group of about 15 or 20 people.  As the plan seemed perfect, I wondered if there was a ´catch´.  A few years ago a friend celebrated a birthday at a bar and afterwards they charged her a ´service charge´for having it there…of course they didn´t mention this until after the party.  So I hoped for the best, no surprise costs etc.

The Party

In the end the birthday went phenomenally.  I ordered 6 bottles of wine, several plates of food for sharing and the cost was EXACTLY what we had previously discussed, no hidden fees, taxes, services charges, etc.  The manager, Tato (who was wonderful to work with) assured me that the alcohol was NOT garrafon (translation-shitty liquor mixed with other stuff, many bars in Madrid do this and you wake up the next day with the worlds worst hangover!) and even gave us a great price on drinks at 5 euros a copa.

Break it Down:

Events: I highly recommened El Joselete for a drink with friends, a party, a lunch, a dinner, a date… the space really works for any kind of event.   I have popped in for the occasional drink with friends, a glass of wine with my boyfriend, of course hosted my birthday party there, and eaten lunch there and each time I have had a great experience.

What to Eat:  Any of the fried fish is FABULOUS!  I especially enjoyed the Choco. Also the spinach with garbanzos is to die for.

Choco Meatballs below…MMMMMM

What to Drink:  Cune red wine or Maques de Riscal white wine.

ALSO, their copas come in fun giant wine glasses, and they have a full bar of hard liqour to choose from.

Giant Copa (lipstick stain is optional and does NOT come with copa)

What to expect:

Loungy, trendy, fun atmosphere with friendly staff, yummy food and drinks, and all for a reasonable price.


El Joselete

Calle Montesa 25

Metros: Lista, Diego de Leon, Manuel Becerra

Website El Joselete


2 responses to “Restaurant Pick: El Joselete

  1. This looked like a great place and a lot of fun – hope your birthday was a blast! LOVE the lipstick kiss on the glass 😉

  2. Hard to go past the ginbujitos for me, the chickpea and spinach is really good too.

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