My Dream Coat by Burburry Prorsum

This winter I will be needing a new coat.  I knew already this past summer that I would be needing a new one come colder weather, so I roped my parents into mailing me one of my favorites from home.  This was on August 31st.  Still no coat.  Long story short, my father tracked the coat, and we think its whereabouts are in New Guinea.  Hmm.  Anyway looks like I am in the market to purchase a coat here in Spain this winter (ahem some New Guinean punk is walking around looking FLY in coat…dammit!)

Of course in the end I will probably purchase my coat for under 100 euros at a typical shop like Mango, Zara, etc.  However the one I REALLY want is by Burburry Prorsum and it costs just under 3,000 GBP.  As unrealistic as it is, I just can´t stop thinking about it!

Most of all I love the color, but the shape and the sleeves, as well as the high neckline really make me swoon.  (PS wouldn´t mind that bag with it either ) Sigh.  Off to Zara to see if I can find a knockoff!


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