Cibeles Fashion Week: Sita Murt

´Yeah…you´ve really got me girl…you got me so I can´t sleep at night…´ blared loud and clear though the speakers at the Sita Murt runway show.

Perhaps some sublimal messaging there…aka these clothes are so bossy you just can´t forget them!

Sita Murt did have some fantastic designs…so far they aren´t keeping me up at night but maybe they´ll get a few of you!

What I enjoyed about the Sita Murt show was that everything was light, airy, and relaxed.  It showcased a line of easy living.  You can throw on this linen dress and flip flops and go anywhere.  Wearablity is always a nice when seeing a runway show, because often times they are very avant garde and out of touch with what a true woman would wear.  Not this line though, the collection was refreshingly down to earth, while still being stylish.  I especially enjoyed her cardigans and vests.

To watch a video of the Sita Murt runway show click here










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