Cibeles Fashion Week: Ana Locking

´Under Beauty´.  The name of Ana Locking´s collection this year.  I will be honest and say I loved the girls clothes, and then mens clothes, in my opinion, were horrendous…I don´t know a single man that would wear them. In contrast I adored the womenswear, it included a lot of separates and patterns that I would absolutely wear.  Again trending we see wide leg pants and a jumpsuit

Click here to see a video of the runway show




Love this model…saw her walk in the Jesus del Pozo show, among a million others…anyone know her name? It´s like shes everywhere but I can´t remember her name!

Okay beautiful womenswear, now onto SCARY menswear…I don´t know…perhaps I am off but what do you guys think about this???


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