Cibeles Fashion Week: Duyos

The Duyos show pumped in a little extra ´oomph´this year by having a live African band drumming beats as the models strutted the runway.  But that´s pretty much where the African vibes stopped, the actual collection did not say ´tribal´to me in any way.  There were definitely a few show stopping pieces, a lot of silk and luxurious fabrics and some beautiful tones as well.  Several of the models wore a type of straw sun hat.  I noted quite a few wide leg pants, in silk fabrics, which I loved.  See below for my pics from Duyos:

Click Here to see the Duyos runway show

This is probably my favorite piece.  It just flows so beautifully and the color is stunning.






2 responses to “Cibeles Fashion Week: Duyos

  1. Wow I love that last pic, the blue jumpsuit!!! I’d wear that in a heartbeat.

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