The Fabulous, The Fantastic…Cibelespacio !

Cibelespacio is the area surrounding the rooms that host the runway shows, with various activities and events, giveaways, shopping, etc.  Even if you can´t make it to the shows, Cibelespacio is always a fabulous way to spend your day, if you can find a ticket.

Most of the magazines in Spain have a stand at Cibelespacio. I was able to get Marie Claire, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and several other magazines.  An interesting spot this year was people doing ´fashion orgami´-creating design shapes out of paper.  Very creative in my opinion, although I didn´t participate, I knew I couldn´t fold anything as cool as what was already there (ha not even close ). There were several shops featuring new and up and coming designers, which is fantastic because I love supporting independent designers.  L´oreal had a stand and was doing makeup, hair, and even nails, which was really cool to watch.


My favorite activity this year at Cibelespacio (besides getting to see the fashion shows, of course) was the Tevla Roulette game.  Last year it was so crowded I couldn´t play, and this year I played and won a tote bag, and my friend Heather won a clutch.

Me with the Telva girl

Lori and Heather, with our prizes!

As we attended several fashion shows we didn´t look around as much this time around, however it was nice because it was slightly less crowded this year, as we went in the morning, so I was able to get a closer look at things.  I saw a spanish TV presenter, Inma del Moral, and snapped a pic.

I ran into Rocio from OhmyBlog…such a sweet girl, I also saw her at Fashion Night Out.

Lori and Rocio

Finally we took a peek the special ´Madrid´collection Heinekin Bottles.  I also tried to take a picture next to the Heinekin Wall like I did last year  (Click here to see last years photo), and I was told that ´it was not open to the public´.  (WTF, cibelespacio isn´t even open to the public, you have to have a ticket to enter, so why wouldn´t it be open to the people inside, who clearly have tickets,  weird…).  I am not  big on negative shoutouts but the lady was SUPER rude, and I don´t see the big deal of me taking a picture in front of a board that says Heiniken, (hello, free press…), so boooooo on them, I never liked their beer anyway…

Madrid Collection Heiniken bottles, you can see Gran Via!  Ok so even though the lady was rude I still like the bottles LOL.

Lori in front of the Harpers wall

Finally, they had some giant paintings and photographs up outside of the runways that were really stunning, see below.

Look, it´s Heather!

All in all Cibelespacio was a lovely way to spend a Friday morning-afternoon, and I am so happy I was given the opportunity to go.


2 responses to “The Fabulous, The Fantastic…Cibelespacio !

  1. Hola Loriiii!!
    Me gustó mucho veros!! Lo pasamos muy bien!

    Te cojo la foto que salimos juntas para ponerla en mi blog, ok?

    Un besito!

  2. @Rocia-muy bien guapa! tb he pasado genial contigo! a ver cuando nos vemos otra vez! besos!

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