Cibeles Fashion Week: Andres Sarda

Andres Sarda has been one of my favorite spanish designers for a long time now.  The designs are just really glamorous and sexy, and this seasons collection did not disappoint.  There was a lot of color, again we see flowing and the black and gold as well.  Some of the designs even had a bit of a Pucci vibe, which I loved.  When you see this collection, you´ll feel like you´ve traveled the world…Meditteranean beaches, Ancient Egypt, Italian Castles and more.  And of course, NOTE THE SHOES! Absolutely fabulous!

Click HERE to see a video of the runway show, and see below for pics.

This was one of my favorite looks, unfortunately this picture doesn´t do it justice!

This was actually a fake snake around the pink, super interesting.

This is another one of my fave looks, unfort the picture isn´t very good but I had to put it in because I just loved this look.

Note the shoes!  Love!

LOVE this

Designer and Model…(didn´t love this look so much, a little too extreme for my taste)

shoe closeup…LOVE!


Runway Floor…cool no?

Lori on the Runway


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