Cibeles Fashion Week: Jesus del Pozo Fashion Show

I felt honored to attend this fashion show, as this will be the last runway where late fashion designer Jesus del Pozo actually participated in the design of his collection, as he recently passed away just about a month ago.

The show begin with a small tribute to Pozo (see above), with a woman in black standing and some music playing.  I felt in general, vibe of the show was a bit sad, as to be expected.  Each model wore a kerchief over her head, and it felt very Spain, 1950´s style.  The designs, in general, were a bit plainer and not as WOW as some of the other designers, but were beautifully constructed with luxurious fabrics.  The ´less is more´look seemed to surface in this show, with very few patterns and mostly solid color, flowing dresses.  See below, for Jesus del Pozo´s last creations.

Click HERE to see a video of the show

One of my favorites, I love this color.

Another one of my faves, marking the two trends I noticed this year: gold and black and long and flowing.

RIP Jesus del Pozo, you will be missed.


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