Concurso H & M and Harper´s Bazaar

H & M is working with Harper´s Bazaar to find the ´Most Elegant Blogger in Spain´.  That´s obviously me!!!! So I need to post me, wearing a look with one trend purchased from the H & M fall line.

If I win, I will be featured in the magazine and get to create a look for H & M.   Before I can show my look, of course I must add my personal definition of elegance.

ELEGANCE: To me, being elegant is being classy and sexy.  You want to show a little skin, but not too much.  Mystery is elegance.  Elegance is pairing expensive with inexpensive, new with old, day with night, making just the right combinations.  See below for my visual interpretation.



I am wearing a beige dress from H & M (vestido beige de H & M).  The dress is great because it incoporates zippers, which I feel is a look right now, and it´s covering at the top but short to show a little leg. I paired the dress with a blue Cole Haan purse, Jimmy Choo snakeskin shoes, bracelets from Blanco, a vintage ring from my grandmother, Dior Sunglasses and blue nail polish from Kiko.


Dress: H&M, Front and Back

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Bag: Cole Haan

Bracelets: Blanco

Ring: Vintage, from my grandmother

Sunglasses: Dior

And of course, nothing completes a ´Most Elegant Blogger from España´ look, than a glass of champagne. Cheers!



2 responses to “Concurso H & M and Harper´s Bazaar

  1. love your outfit, so simple and elegant!

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