Cibeles Fashion Week: Roberto Verino Fashion Show Recap

This year I was lucky enough to catch three fashion shows live at Cibeles: Jesus del Pozo, Andres Sarda, and Roberto Verino.

Roberto Verino (although Andres Sarda was amazing) was the showstopper for me.  Being one of the longest runway shows I have seen, the show actually had three parts and showcased three collections.

If you want to see a video of the live runway show, click HERE

Collection One:

The show opened with famous international model, Jon Kortajarena, who I happen to find extremely attractive (along with every other girl and probably half the men in this world), and wow, watching him stomp down that runway to deep tribal beats gave me goosebumps.  This part of the show was extremely tribal, safari, lots of browns, beiges, leather, cotton and linen, everything flowed beautifully.  Each model had a rolling suitcase, which I thought was a cool touch.  The photos below are some mine, and some from other websites as the quality of my pictures wasn´t perfect.

Jon V…yum!





My favorite look from this section


Collection 2:

This part was mainly comprised of swimsuits, beachwear, pretty much your ´cruisewear´section, however still keeping with that sort of safari, tribal look.  I loved the flowing coverups (which I saw a lot of in Andres Sarda as well) and sparkly shiny sequins also made an appereance. I really liked the turbans some of the girls are wearing too.

Jon V…dizammm


This look was one of my favorites.


I also really loved this look.




Collection 3:

Here comes the black and gold!  If I had to note the two most popular trends I saw on the runway so far, I would have to say: GOLD (most commonly with black) and flowing coverups and dresses.  This section was, for lack of better vocabulary…BOSSY!

This reminds me of Carrie Bradshow´s SATC gold Dolce and Gabana underwear, paired with blue jacket in the ´real people and models´fashion show…remember?



I put this one up because I LOVE the beach bag.








Heather and I on the runway after the show

Lori on the runway!


2 responses to “Cibeles Fashion Week: Roberto Verino Fashion Show Recap

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL THE PHOTOS, Especially the ones with Jon…You girls look lovely.

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