Street Style: Vogue Fashion Night Out

This year´s Fashion Night Out in Madrid was a huge success, in my opinion. The streets were packed tight with fashionistas, photographers, models, bloggers, and just cool Madrileños, dressed to the nines! We stopped in several stores, including Escada, Miu Miu, Tiffany´s, etc, but my absolute favorite part was simply walking around and seeing the fabulousness that surrounded me. People in Madrid have such an authentic, and interesting style. I just love seeing what people put together almost more than seeing the new fall designer lines. Fashion after all…is what´s on the street!

I of course didn´t get as many photos as I would have liked of Madrileñas dressed fashionably.  It was just so crowded- I would see a great outfit, and it was gone in a flash. However, I do have a sampling below of friends and I, and some amazing fashionable people I found along the way. Enjoy!

Lori and Elise…ready to rock (please note am wearing my shoe soulmates, the JC´s)

Elise and Norma, looking fine!

Lauren, looking bright and beautiful

A fashionable crowd, waiting to enter YSL

Ana, Aitor, Lori, Elise and Norma

Gorgeous young lady in Miu Miu…absolutely LOVE her bright blue palazzo pants!

Ana and Aitor…am loving the red on Ana!

Lori and the Miu Miu fall coats

Some fabulous Madrileñas…looking extremely high fashion, am LOVING the wide leg pant…esp with the with paisley print

Champagne (better than breakfast!) at Tiffany´s-Ana, Lori, Melina

Norma Duval, famous Spanish actress doing an interview in Punt Roma Clothing Store

Me with Pilar and Rocio, creators of Oh my Blog.  These girls were so sweet, I loved chatting with them and they both, of course being fashion bloggers, looked absolutely fabulous!


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  1. Very nice and informative post thanks for sharing

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