With Jimmy Choo in your life, you need not more!

Today´s post will feature a nonfiction article entitled:


I always knew it was meant to be.  The moment where your eyes make contact, , your heart beats with desire, butterflies in your stomach, your soul feels connected to something with undeniable passion…

Falling in love ? Yes. With a man? NO.

With shoes? ABSOLULTELY!

The story goes like this.  My number one gbf (gay boyfriend), Brian took me shopping at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas and we popped into the Jimmy Choo store.  Making cracks about pink fur boots, I never thought I would feel this way until I saw them.  The snakeskin stilletos. My heart literally stopped.  I knew it was meant to be when there was only one pair left…conveniently, in exactly my size (37.5 european 7.5 usa in case anyone wants to do me any favors).   It was clearly what I previously had thought could not exist…this pair of shoes was…


Shoe soulmates have all or some of the following qualities:

1. They fit like a glove, and you never need to try on another size.

2. You see them from accross the store, they attract your eye immediately and you often feel some kind of magnetic pull towards them.

3.  They are usually on sale.

4.  You have previously seen yourself wearing them in your dreams.

I smirked when I read in US Weekly Jessica Simpsons quote, ´Who needs a man? I´m in love with shoes´.  Who can take a girl seriously who can´t tell the difference between chicken and tuna!  But JS has hit the nail on the head. Who needs a man when you can stroke such beautiful shoes to sleep every night?

The true answer is this.  Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE needs to have a pair of Jimmy Choo´s (or atleast start searching for their shoe soulmate, why not start at Jimmy Choo!) and more than that, not a boyfriend, but a gay boyfriend to help her pick them out and purchase them for you!

I am about to say the words I never thought I would utter…I, Lori, am the proud owner of a pair of Jimmy Choo sandals, my very own shoe soulmates. Thanks to my gbf Brian.

SIDE NOTE: A blurb about Brian…he is not only my gbf, and has been for several years but I am also extremely proud of him because he has successfully started his own business, please visit his website:

The Points Guy

Brian has also been not only a long time supporter of Life and Style Madrid, he was also the man behind the magic, Brian first encouraged me to start this blog and helped me through the setup.

Now, finally, the moment has arrived when you all get to VIEW my actual shoe soulmates! Here they are: my Jimmy Choos!

Shoe Soulmates

On my foot

Closeup of Zipper

The moment we became one

Brian, me, and my brand new JC shoe soulmates!


6 responses to “With Jimmy Choo in your life, you need not more!

  1. So awesome… They look fantastic!!! 😉

  2. Thanks! 🙂 I´m kinda obsessed…if you couldn´t tell!

  3. I got goosebumps seeing them in the post! Have you taken them off yet?

  4. Your GBF is the best ever. 🙂 So glad you found your shoe soulmates, I expect to see many future posts featuring them!

  5. OMG!!! i love your sexy JC heels!! so lucky you have small feet! =) I wish I could fit in JC shoess

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