Style…the Las Vegas way!

I recently went to Las Vegas and I am a firm believer it´s one of the most entertaining places in this world!  I can´t really spend more than 2 days-nights there without dying, because I have a bad habit of going ALL out and then melting down, but if you don´t really sleep you can do a lot in 48 hours.

Now onto the good stuff…I dont really consider Las Vegas a typical fashion city, you see a lot of hick tourists or the complete opposite, skanky girls with huge ta-ta´s running around in racy clothes…not high fashion, in my opinion. However there is something to be said about bringing out the ´Vegas´in your own personal style, aka taking your own style and throwing something a little more daring out there, a shorter hemline, a lower cut top, a brighter color…why…??? BECAUSE it´s VEGAS BABY!!!

A few fashion highlights from my Vegas trip!

First, Vegas helps me to break out of my typical LBD and put on some color.  Some brights shown below, from left to right, Claire, Claudia, Lori, Norma

I loved the back of this dress! Not sure I would were it any place else but Vegas, but it was PERFECT for a night out at Marquee in the Cosmopolitan Hotel.  I bought the dress for just 18 dollars at a second hand shop in Tucson, Arizona.

For guys…they have to wear pants and shoes to enter the nightclubs…but it´s hot out!  I think it was about 110 F or 40 something C each day…so white is a great color for guys, and white linen-even better!  Check out my favorite men, Brian and Jorge below in white (next to lovely ladies Lori and Claire)

Go to Vegas, boss up your wardrobe, and have fun!


2 responses to “Style…the Las Vegas way!

  1. Good looking crew! When is the post on your new gorgeous Jimmy Choos?

  2. umm i´ve been photographing the choo´s like all day every day in prep for the bossiest post of all time…just wait…ps LOVED your hotel chatter bit 🙂 also the comment from the guy who said our crew needs to be in a 12 step hahahah

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