Things I LOVE: Chapter 12

Mckenzie jewelry is based out of London and all of their items are made of pure silver.  You can purchase their jewels at Corte Ingles.  I recently bought this ring and I adore the blue gem color, so pretty!  (the ring was originally 90 euros but got it at 60% off-awesome deal!)

Check out the Mckenzie website for more styles


4 responses to “Things I LOVE: Chapter 12

  1. cute ring! anything i can get for 50% off or more is the best!

    -Bianca at

  2. @Bianca-agreed on that! In Spain they only have sales twice a year, called ‘ rebajas’. They happen in January and July and basically every item of the season is atleast 50% off, its amazing. If you ever decide to come to spain, I recommened those times of the year for shopping!

  3. lorii! love this! the blue colour is really nice, atypical! Guess whos back in the blogosphere!? will i see you in Cibeles?! hope so!

  4. @ Daniel-We need to meet in Cibelespacio!!!! Hope you are having a great summer, we´ll chat in September! BESOS!

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